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We Know Childcare Enrollment.

IntelliKid Systems helps Child Care centers increase enrollment in the new reality of a digital world. Let us help you with a full suite of enrollment tools aimed at growing your center while you spend your valuable time on achieving the highest quality early childhood education program to serve your community!

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We make it easy for parents to choose your center.  


You don’t need a large marketing budget or even a marketing team to get the attention of parents in your area.  All you need is a great communication tool that does the work for you, and that’s where we come in. 

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Pre-inquiry vs. Post Inquiry

Almost all childcare marketing can be broken down into two categories: Pre-Inquiry and Post-Inquiry. For years, most centers have only focused on pre-inquiry, more commonly known as marketing or advertising. The truth is however that all of the decision making happens in the post inquiry phase. It doesn’t take much commitment to click on an ad or fill out a form, but when it comes to choosing care for their children, parents need to be nurtured, and that's where IKS comes in.



No matter what, attracting attention is still vital to your enrollment, after all if they don’t know you exist how can they become part of your program? With IntelliKid Systems, you can rest assured that you can offer parents a wide variety of ways that they can easily let you know they are interested. 


Our system can automatically create a new lead from just a text message or email. We also capture calls and provide you with an unlimited number of landing page forms to capture information, directly schedule tours or give an opportunity for parents to simply ask questions! 


Let’s not forget IntelliKid Systems has the most advanced tracking in the industry, so instead of just recording your cost per lead when advertising you can even see that same cost by tour and enrollment! 



Once a lead enters your system, it's truly the beginning of the most important phase of your enrollment process. Our system can automate the initial contact so that timely follow-up is never a problem at your center. Using our unique templating system, you can communicate with a prospective parent over text message, email and even social media with confidence and speed. 


Our customizable statuses allow you to move leads through each step of enrollment, encouraging tours for those who haven’t and calls to enroll for those who have. Schedule actions to take for you and your staff or let the system do it for you. 


There are only so many hours in the day, and running a quality early childhood education program takes up most of them. IntelliKid Systems is dedicated to keeping your program front and center in your prospective parents’ minds so you don’t have to. If maintaining or increasing enrollment is important to your center, then IntelliKid Systems is even more.

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