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Marketing automation customized to your center creates multiple touch points for parents to learn more about your programs and curriculum.  With IntelliKid Systems’ multiple conversation channels, you can put parents at ease and build trust in your center.  Our platform allows you to communicate with parents the way they want, and no matter what method, it all stays in one easy to read timeline!

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Staff can initiate and encourage 2-way conversations using a communication tool that best suits the parent.  Everything is time stamped and all edits, communication, and comments are saved to keep your team on track. 

  • SMS - send quick text messages directly from the lead’s profile.

  • Email - have the entire email thread visible in a lead’s timeline.

  • Facebook Messenger - chat with parents on Facebook directly from the IKS platform.

Free-type your responses for a personal touch

Sometimes you just need to send the parent a quick SMS or email that is specific to them. These one-off communications can be sent directly through the lead’s timeline.


Use templated responses from our out-of-the box system, or create your own custom templates that use your center’s terminology.


Use the same template for multiple sites and auto-populate information that can be lengthy to type and may differ for each location (Address, phone number)


Use your own branded domains for two-way email communication. This will allow you to build your own email reputation and increase both brand awareness and email deliverability.

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