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Are you fully staffed?

When it comes to quality child care staff, we are in a short supply world. It’s time to change the way we look at recruitment and bring it more in line with how we nurture parents looking to join our programs.


5 Pillars of Employment

Our Employee Management System brings communication and marketing automation to your recruitment efforts.  Move candidates seamlessly through the hiring process  from submitting applications through onboarding and even post-employment communication.  It’s a whole new way to handle staffing!

IKS: Capture
IKS: Communicate
IKS: Engage
IKS: Manage
IKS: Analyze

Employee Management System

IntelliKid Systems, a market leader in early education software, is proud to announce our new product, the Employee Management System, or EMS, for short. Our EMS will give you the same control and customizability over your staff recruitment while also giving you access to our best-in-class communication tools to leverage with your existing employees. The world moves fast, but IKS moves faster, so stay ahead of the curve and fully staffed with our EMS.

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