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Introducing one of the most exciting features and also one of our most collaborative projects to date- the IKS Marketplace! It's an entirely new area, and it's focused on content.

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The IKS Marketplace allows you to enhance your business communication to all of your prospective families and employees through various vendor partnerships integrated within our IntelliKid Systems Marketplace. For example, if you have an upcoming Open House and you are not sure of what exactly to communicate, simply browse through our marketplace and purchase pre-made custom templates in seconds. For those of you who have monthly subscriptions to our marketplace partners, you will now be able to import any subscription-based assets directly into your IKS environment with one click. 


Premium content will be available to purchase through our marketplace, and we are sure that some of our partners (including ourselves!) will be putting a portion of their catalog as free to download to help to make sure that our users are sending out the best templates possible.


Marketplace for Franchises

In addition to our main Marketplace feeds, there is an exclusive area for subscription-based content. For example, if you're a part of a franchise, you will be able to access a subscription marketplace that’s unique to your franchise and have access to a catalog of great branded content.  


As a franchisor, you can upload all your approved content (email layouts, templates, branded media) and this can be used as an install package for all franchises, keeping communication and branding uniform throughout the organization.  When you have a change to your communication templates or branding, simply upload the new content through the Marketplace so that your franchises can instantly have access to your latest content.  It couldn’t be easier!


Partner with Us

We are so excited to evolve the Marketplace, and we are actively taking partner applications. If you're interested, apply now - contact your Success Engineer for details!

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