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How We Help

Real people, real success

As a childcare provider, we know you have a lot on your plate.  It is top priority to grow your enrollment and keep your center full, but when do you have time?  The day is jam-packed with admin and paperwork, staff management, curriculum preparation, compliance, the list goes on.  


What if we could help you create an enrollment process that could basically run itself?  Save the best version of you for those that need it most - the families at your center.


We are not just a software company that services child care professionals, we are child care professionals that build software. We know that not every problem you face has an easy solution, but rest assured your success is our mission and simply put: We are here to help.

"IntelliKid Systems has helped us organize and keep track of all our leads! Our leads convert to tours right away. We are WAY full with a long waitlist. We need more staff and another school!! Our directors love how easy and effective the system is to use."
 - Rachel Supalla, Child Care Success Coach
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Have an IntelliKid Systems success story? Let us know!

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